Skid Steer Loader


Raw power, a key Mustang feature that is provided by high output, high torque engines in every model. Superior ground engaging capabilities and cycle time performance are made possible by advanced and well balanced hydraulic systems.

Strength and durability are not after thoughts, they are core characteristics built into every Mustang model along with operator safety.

What else would you expect from a company that has been producing Skid Steer Loaders since 1965.


  • “Bow-tie” Drive Chain System Engine: Axle is connect with Engine with Chain, direct drive brings stronger Axle Torque.
  • Hydraulic Self-Level Bucket as standard equipment.
  • ROPS/ FOPS level 2 (highest level).
  • Wider Wheel Base, Greater Stability and Better control.


Model 2044
Operating Capacity: 660Kg
Lift Height: 2850mm
 Weight: 2550Kg