GHH Fahrzeuge
Tunnelling Dump Truck


GHH Fahrzeuge produces dump trucks for the mining and tunnelling industry with loading capacities from 15 to 55 tonnes. Four-wheel drive and articulated swivel hinge are standard features of our products.

From a loading capacity of 30t, all vehicles come equipped with a bidirectional cabin. This enables convenient long-distance operation in mines or tunnel construction, giving drivers’ full backward and forward maneuverability without having to turn the vehicle around in confined spaces.


  • Bi-directional Cabin
  • Articulated Swivel Hinge
  • World class quality standard of Safety Features: FOPS & ROPS


MK-A15  MK-A20  MK-A30
Body Capacity: 7.5 m3  10 m3  20 m3
Load Capacity: 15 t  20 t  30 t