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International construction machinery and equipment distributor
Million Base is an international construction machinery distributor, established since 2000. It has strived to provide global high quality construction machinery for contractors. By strength of professional knowledge, Million Base has now become one of the leading construction equipment distributors in Hong Kong.
Global Machinery
Tunnelling Work

With company global eye sight and expertise, Million Base proudly gets the honor sole distribution authorities from the best manufacturers. Also with all-rounded after sales service, it is able to form a well-established partnership with clients.

Presently, company focuses on tunneling machinery. With professional experience, Million Base is able to assist client by introducing global advanced tunnel equipment, to enhance levels of mechanization and modernization of tunnel projects.

“Customer Comes First, Work Safe, Best Service” is the ideal we have committed all along, we always pay attention to our clients’ needs and proactively keep up with the world’s infrastructure development requirement, to enlarge our business scope