Shotcreting Machine


From the first concreting machine being manufactured in year 1986,CIFA already has 30 years of manufacturing experience. CSS-3 is its current master piece. CSS-3 Shotcreting machine can be used in Tunnel top phase, Underground works, road leakage projects. It can operate in extreme temperature, high altitude, and adapt tunneling work with moist and dirt.


  • Main Boom double rotation system, can horizontal and vertical 360degree rotate; 3 set Z shape boom and used up less space.
  • Boom Stand can move forward from the base, small boom is telescopic.
  • 4 wheel drive, 4 wheel steering, 3 steering mode.
  • Two power drive system (Electric or Diesel).
  • Outrigger auto balancing system.
  • Operating seat can be 180dgree rotated, that operation does not need turn his head when driving backwards.


CSS-3 CST8.20
Boom reach: 15.7m  9.1m
Pressure on concrete: 65bar  55bar